Split Enz (Australia DVD)

Split Enz (Australia DVD)
Split Enz (Australia DVD)
Split Enz (Australia DVD)
Split Enz – Same
2002 Australia (Mushroom Records 335828)
Plastic Case¬†5″ DVD
Video Clips:
1. Sweet Dreams
2. Lovey Dovey
3. Late Last Night
4. Bold As Brass
5. My Mistake
6. Jamboree
7. Hermit McDermitt
8. Give It A Whirl
9. I See Red
10. I Got You
11. I Hope I Never
12. One Step Ahead
13. History Never Repeats
14. Dirty Creature
15. Pioneer – Six Months In A Leaky Boat
16. Strait Old Line
17. Message To My Girl
18. I Walk Away
Sight And Sound BBC 1977:
1. True Colours (Let’s Rock)
2. The Woman Who Loves You)
True Colours Concert, Melbourne, Australia 1980:
1. Charlie
Outback Tour – Regent Theatre, Sydney, Australia 1981:
1. Ghost Girl
2. What’s The Matter With You?
Enz With A Bang, The Farewell Concert Tour Auckland, NZ 1984:
Split Enz Anniversary Tour NZ 1993:
1. Shark Attack
Countdown Performance 5 August 1979:
1. She Got Body, She Got Soul
Spellbound NZ TV documentary:
Easter Eggs:
Things (Video Clip)
Get To Know Your Kiwis (1976 Australian TV Interview)
Lord Nord (Audio Only Track, Recorded in 1999)

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